Summer Break

Over the past month, I’ve been incredibly busy and this is my excuse for being so inactive on my blog. I had an amazing trip to Berlin with my boyfriend, Dec. It was one of the most interesting holidays I’ve been on. Since my boyfriend is a history undergraduate, museums and art galleries suit us very nicely. I was so happy to share our academic interests in such a beautiful city. Here are a few pictures from my holiday:


I finally got to see a painting by my favourite artist, Casper David Friedrich, in real life. It was a special exhibition called Wanderlust in the Alte Nationalgalerie.


We went to a really cute pub that had a jukebox and has a chalkboard that said ‘We don’t have Wi-Fi, talk to each other.’


Athena portrait in the Pergamonmuseum.


Admiring the beautiful Romantic landscape.


View from the Reichstag.


Brandenburg Tor in the heat.


Perhaps one of my favourite experiences was visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was particularly harrowing to see the bunk beds in the barracks. For me, it really made the experience a reality for me. I would highly recommend visiting and respecting the area.


Portrait of Dionysos, a Greek god who I find highly intriguing.


Ancient Greek inscriptions in the Pergamonmuseum.


The German History Museum was amazing.


Sunset city view from the top of the TV tower.


The Eastside gallery’s wise words.


Berlin at dusk.


The Soviet kiss.


Our hotel on the last night.

As well as going on holiday, I got myself a job! I now work at M&S as a warehouse operative. I’m so proud that I finally managed to overcome my anxiety and begin to earn money for myself. Everyone in the warehouse is so friendly and patient with me, I really hope to be put on more than a temporary summer contract.

In terms of what I’m reading, I’ve been a bit all over the place. Just before I got a job I began reading Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky. I’m still only around 200 pages in of 500 so it may be a while until I get around to writing about it. However, look forward to an incredibly delayed June reading wrap-up!

Stay tuned, and thank you for reading,

Mol 🙂


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  1. Pat Cawthorn says:

    Fantastic pictures of Berlin .. A holiday with a purpose ! We did a similar holiday in Italy .. There is so much history in Europe .
    So pleased to hear about the M and S job ..Good experience as well as an extra money earner
    Enjoy Aberystwith it seems to be a happy place … (Dad likes the Welsh mountains too )

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